Our Story

My name is Emily and I started my Taunton Park Toggenburg dairy goats stud in 2012 at the age of 12. I saved up and bought two dairy goats so I would have fresh goats milk because I suffer from eczema and cannot drink cow’s milk. From there my herd has grown to over 20+ milking does. The goat’s milk is used to raise my goat kids, supply the family with milk, ice-cream and cheese as well as being used to produce the products in the Soapie Goatie range. In 2017, I began making goat’s milk soap for family and friends but have recently registered as a soap maker and I am now making a variety of goat milk based products for sale under the label Soapie Goatie. I started taking my business to the local markets in March 2020 and then COVID-19 came along and all the market were shut down so we had to try and find new ways to get our product out there. Its definitely not been easy but we have made it through.

We have worked with other businesses to deliver special orders for things like their Christmas presents for all their workers. We are always looking for new opportunities to expanded our business further and work with new clients.